Apple’s MacBook Air M1 decrease to $850 at Amazon

MacBook Air M1

We very rarely see the MacBook Air M1 drop below $900, but that is the case today on Amazon sale. Apple’s thin-and-light laptop is on sale for $850 on Amazon, $150 off its normal price. The base model has been hovering at $900 on Amazon for the past few months, likely to stay competitive with Apple’s education pricing during the back-to-school season, but this is the first time since a brief moment at the end of July that we have seen the Air M1 is at less than 900$. At the time of writing this, only the gold model is in stock — both silver and space gray have sold out.

This is far and away from the best Apple laptop for most people thanks to its slender body, lack of fan noise, and killer performance. We gave it a score of 94 in part for those attributes, plus we also like its lovely Retina display, comfortable keyboard and trackpad, and an excellent 16-hour battery.

The star of the show here is Apple’s M1 chipset, which makes the MacAir run incredibly fast. The notebook turn on almost instantly when you open the lid, native apps run super smoothly and the machine as a whole is impressively very responsive. You are also able to run iOS apps with the M1 chip, which is a fun feature to have. Graphics performance is noteworthy, too: MacBook Airs have not been the best gaming machines in the past, and we probably still would not use it to run intense games titles, but it performed well while playing Apple Arcade games titles and even Fortnite. And since the laptop does not have a fan inside, it will be much quieter than most previous Apple laptops you may have had.

Our biggest complaints about the Air M1 are its paltry 720 webcam and its limit of only two USB-C ports. While living the dongle life can get frustrating, it is a small price to pay for an otherwise stellar laptop that can handle most things you’ll through at it.

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