Best Gaming Laptops – Sortable According to Price, Battery, Weight etc

best gaming laptops OF 2018



After a lot of hard work, here is a compiled and selected list of the best gaming laptops – sortable according to price, battery timing, weight, HDD, SDD, CPU, 2-in-1 factor, display size, screen resolution, refresh rate, durablility, gaming performance and other variables for ease. Its updated and checked regularly. Last Updated = June 2018

Please bookmark this page so you can come here again whenever you are insearch of a gaming laptop. The table below listing all the laptops and their specs can be customized, coped, exported (to excel, csv, and even PDF format).


Here is a key to understanding the table (which is pretty easy and straighforward):

Product = Brief name of the laptop and company | Price = In Dollars | CPU* = see below table for legend | GPU | RAM | HDD = Hard disk size (non-ssd) | SSD = Solid State Drive (if exists) | Screen = Screen Size | Battery = Approx battery life | Weight = weight in pounds (1kg = 2.2 lbs) | Resolution = Display resolution | Refresh Rate = Monitor refresh rate | 2-in-1 = If laptop is convertible into a tablet mode | Durability = Our score for how durable the laptop build is. Higher is better | LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH = Our score when the game “The Witcher 3” is played on Low, medium or high settings. Higher is better.


Best Gaming Laptops - Sortable

wdt_ID Product Price CPU Graphics Card RAM HDD SSD Screen Battery Weight Resolution Refresh rate 2-in-1 Durability Low Medium High
Product Price CPU Graphics Card RAM HDD SSD Screen Battery Weight Resolution Refresh rate 2-in-1 Durability Low Medium High
The data is kept upto date, but prices can change often, and items can go out of stock (especially if they are very popular), so do tell us if something here is amiss, wrong or confusing. We try our best to be as accurate as possible.

*How To Read CPU Specs

For Intel, apart from other things, the CPU specs also contain information such as the model (core i5, i7, i3 etc), the generation (whether is the 6th gen, 7th gen etc), and the number of cores. For e.g. i3-7100U means its Core i3, 7th generation dual core processor. The first 2 letters are the model, i.e. i3. After the dash, the first number is the generation, in this case 7 for 7th. If it was i3-6100U then it would have been the 6th gen processor. The last letter tells the number of cores. U = dual core (except 8th gen laptops, where U also means quad core), HQ = quad core (4 cores) and just an H = hexacore (6 cores). Rarely, you might come across HK in the end, which means quad-core processor unlocked that can be overclocked. Xeon = Server and Workstation intended CPUs, often locked and have no iGPU but often boast hyperthreading, more software features, more cache, slightly higher efficiency, a larger instruction-set, and can have significantly more cores than the mainstream processors.

Can’t Decide What You Want?

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